Play Mazovia!
Our application is an idea to actively discover unique places in the Mazovia region: traditional museums with extraordinary collections and modern galleries, idyllic agritourist farms and elegant hotel complexes, picturesque castles and palaces as well as parks where both children and adults will find something interesting for themselves. It contains not only information about attractions and tourist facilities, but also about trails and events in Mazovia. Play Mazovia! It's both a tourist guide - the mode I visit and a tourist game – the mode Play and visit. When a player uses only a travel guide, he does not need to register or log in. At any time, however, you can join the touring game - from now on you have the chance to earn points for visiting a particular place, which can be a castle, palace or museum or attend events. Points are earned for performing different types of tasks. To spice up the competition - Play Mazovia! offers you an up-to-date comparison of your progress in three ranks: individual, private - when added to your friends list - and in the school ranking – while loging in you complete your affiliation to your school. Play Mazovia! will be useful both during planning trips in Mazovia as well as during the tour. With this application you can plan and experience an unforgettable trip within Mazovia. Adventure is just around the corner!